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Do You Want to be Happier? Get Outside



Mother Nature Makes Us Happier.

Studies demonstrate that exposure to fresh air, sunshine, trees, and simply being out in Nature improves our mood, lowers our stress level, improves focus and impulse control.

Yet, despite these known benefits, getting out the door can still be a struggle.

 To make it easier follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Schedule it: When asked by researchers, American parents steadfastly agree time spent outside is important, but they like to be flexible about when they go. Dutch parents also value time outside or “airing out the children,” as the like to say, and schedule it.  Guess who spends more time outside. Yes, it is the Dutch. By making time spent outside a predictable part of the routine the transition is easier, and most importantly, you go!
  2. If possible, start the day outside: Think about how many fights occur in the morning when the kids become involved with their electronics and then must turn them off to get out the door. These all too frequent battles can be eliminated by shifting straight-away from breakfast to outside time. No troublesome stops or starts in-between. Now a request to put on coats and shoes immediately after breakfast clean-up means time to play!
  3. Put away your phone: It’s not only the children who will benefit from time spent outside, you will too. Stop to breathe in the fresh air. Savor the sunshine and wind on your face. Grab a swing to fly with your child. Observe and appreciate your child’s growing physical skills.  Listen to the bird songs. Notice the patterns of sun and shade, and the shape of leaves. Laugh!

Spend as much time as possible with Mother Nature. She really will make you and your children happier. It’s a fact.

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