The Paidea Advantage

Paidea Childcare - Director's Role Our Director Partners with Parents and Teachers

This keeps Paidea focused on its educational mission rather than financial gain and results in a strong team working together to benefit our children.

Strong Academics and Emotional Intelligence Skills are Taught

A balance of IQ (academics) and EQ (emotional intelligence) is necessary for success. EQ skills are learned skills and the earlier they are taught, the bigger impact they make. EQ skills matter more in life’s success (choices, friendships, marriage, career) than IQ. 

Paidea Childcare's Staff-Happy and Committed Our Staff is Committed and Happy Which Results in Low Teacher Turnover

Every decision is based on what is best for children. Teachers who are committed professionals in the field of early childhood education, who feel supported in their work, who value and believe in Paidea’s philosophy, and who form long term relationships with children and families is clearly what is best for children.

Paidea Provides Parent Education

This results in a true partnership between school and home and creates a strong Paidea parent community. Parent education is included in tuition.

Paidea Childcare is Flexible and Affordable Scheduling is Flexible and Tuition is Affordable

We offer full and part-time schedules to meet individual needs.  Our liberal vacation policy includes 2 weeks during the school year and 6 weeks during the summer.

Paidea's Focus is on the Process of Learning, not the Product Our Focus is on the Process of Learning not the Product

At Paidea teachers provide a variety of materials for children to explore. Teachers support children in figuring out how they want to use the materials and coach children to stay engaged in what they are doing. This method of teaching increases focus, attention span, and encourages independence and problem solving.

Outdoor Play Areas We Have 3 Large Outdoor Play and Nature Areas

Research is proving how children benefit from rich experiences outdoors, in natural environments, and with nature. 

Paidea Talk 'Paidea Talk' is a Respectful way to talk to Children

At Paidea, we embrace a common language that we have come to call Paidea Talk”. This is taught to parents at Parent Nights or in 1:1 meetings with Sarah. 




Paidea makes our family stronger. Their philosophy gives my child the skills to succeed in life. Not only do they develop the skills necessary to learn, but they also learn the skills to work with others. As parents we have learned how to communicate, discipline and embrace the Paidea philosophy. In addition to all of that the collaborative environment Paidea fosters has gifted me  with lifelong friends! 

Meredith W.


Paidea is the only place I would entrust my children and the parent nights have been priceless in the knowledge I have gained to work with Paidea’s philosophies and raise emotionally connected, enthusiastic and secure children.

Jane J.


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