Paidea Childcare is Flexible and Affordable

Scheduling is Flexible and Tuition is Affordable

We offer full and part-time schedules to meet individual needs.  Our liberal vacation policy includes 2 weeks during the school year and 6 weeks during the summer.

Paidea is affordable as we focus spending our resources on people (children and teachers) and kid-friendly materials and building, rather than on an adult-appeal building. Our goal is to balance affordable tuition for parents with generous compensation for staff.

Paidea is also very flexible as we offer:

  • Part-time schedules
  • Flexible hours
  • Generous vacation times (two weeks during school year; six weeks during summer months)
  • Summer care
  • Parenting education included in tuition
  • Specialists included in tuition

...which also translates to a more affordable tuition.

We are committed to working with each family to determine what is best for the children, not bound by corporate policy.

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