Paidea Talk

'Paidea Talk' is a Respectful way to talk to Children

At Paidea, we embrace a common language that we have come to call Paidea Talk”. This is taught to parents at Parent Nights or in 1:1 meetings with Sarah. 

All staff talk this way too! For adults, it is like speaking in a foreign language. For children, it becomes their native tongue. It is a respectful and supportive way to work with children and help increase their cooperation with us.

An example that you might try at home would be to tell your child a “do” instead of a “don’t”. For instance:

  • “put it in the trash” instead of “don’t throw it on the floor”
  • “walk in the house” instead of “don’t run”
  • “use your inside voice” instead of “stop yelling”

Saying Do’s instead of Don’ts sounds easy, but it is hard to do and can feel like a foreign language. To learn more:

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